For Inspirational Leaders in America’s
Fire Service and Those Who Aspire to Be

JANUARY 9th – 12th, 2022 | Islamorada, FL


For Inspirational Leaders in America’s
Fire Service and Those Who Aspire to Be

JANUARY 9th – 12th, 2022 | Islamorada, FL

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Things I Wish I Knew Before
I Got Promoted to Fire Chief

There is no such thing as graduating from Fire Chief school and then becoming Fire Chief.  You will be thrown into your new role and expected to perform flawlessly. You will make mistakes regardless of your background, education, training, and experiences.  This session provides insight into life lessons on the path to become the fire chief and those lessons you will encounter when you are responsible for the entire organization.

Physiological Effects from Untreated
PTSD in First Responders

First responders who have experienced multiple traumatic events have been found to be at greater ​risk of developing PTSD, but this often goes undiagnosed. Dr. Morris will discuss how the availability of social support and effective coping strategies have consistently been found to reduce the risk of the negative physiological and emotional aspects of PTSD.

IAFC COVID-19 Assessment:
United States and Canada

Chief Brown will profile the success that the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) experienced collecting information and intelligence and rapidly pushing out volumes of information and guidance to fire chiefs during the early days, as well as throughout all of the Coronavirus crisis, well into 2021.

The Value of Customer Service:
Bruno’s Legacy

Over the years, Mark was privileged to have spent a significant amount of time with the late Alan Brunacini (known affectionately as “Bruno”), former Phoenix Fire Chief who was known throughout the country as “America’s Fire Chief.” The focus will be on how public safety professionals should feel an obligation to ensure fire scenes are secured to protect both the homeowner, insurance company, in some cases the city you work for and definitely the curious kids who live in the community.

PTSD Support Resources: Out of Chaos
Comes Order and the Opportunity to Grow

Chris tells the story of his life, his 31yrs of public service, and how that day in 1995 all combined to take a toll on his life and his family, he suffered in silence for many years. Now he shares how with God, Faith, and Family he took control and his journey out of the suffering in hopes of helping others avoid the failure, the pitfalls, and to reach out. Chris was captured in a photo that became an iconic symbol of the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995 when he was cradling the body of 1yr old Baylee Almon. Chris is now dedicating his life, and travels to speak to other 1st responders, he discusses the brutal realities of a life spent responding to citizens in their darkest hours.

Federal Legislation Update:
Recognizing EMS Medical Support 

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the critical importance of the high-quality care that EMS firefighters and other first responders provide to the public.

Chief Stuebing will give an update on federal legislation that will provide fire departments with the funding needed to care for ill and injured patients in their communities.

Responding to Violent Incidents:
Resources and Educational Support

Discussion on firefighter health and safety when responding to known violent incidents and in cases where an incident turns violent during response. Chief Sianrnicki will provide information on firefighter health and safety principles that should guide jurisdictions in crafting their own specific violent incident response policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and training resources.

Why We Need to Consider Another Incident
Priority: Helping Fire Victims Post-Fire

Fourth incident priority course: Educate, Secure and Protect, which focuses on educating the homeowner, securing the property, and protecting the community from the hazards caused by the fire. Victim assistance should always be our first post fire priority. Our citizens pay our salaries and yet the first thing we tell them is “Well Mr & Mrs. Smith, you can call your insurance company and they will take care of you.” Truth is, the insurance adjuster is 24-96 hrs. from showing up!

Subject matter experts will instruct participants on a wide range of important topics that are critical for creating firefighter advocates within their communities. Training topics will include:

• Protecting children against attractive nuisances

• Preserving potential arson evidence at incident scene

• Victim assistance resources and partnerships

• 4th Incident Priority and how it affects the community

• How positive PR impacts Fire and EMS grants

• Changes in structure and building construction

Hands-on executive fire officer breakout groups will feature tips on growing efficient first responder teams and infrastructure. The focus of these groups will include:

• Executive leadership and supervision systems

• PTSD Identification and support resources

• Leadership skills for adapting to change

• Creating environments for professional growth

• Exercising leadership within the communities

• The future of leadership thinking and success

The event is open to anyone.

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